The Copyright Logo


Copyrighting a Logo


There are several points for you to review here - as the copyright logo has two distinct meanings.
1)Do you want to copyright a logo that you have created for an identity?
2)Do you want to learn how to type the copyright logo to show that your work is protected by copyright laws?
The Copyright Logo:
The copyright logo is just another term or saying for the copyright symbol. The logo that is used to show that your work is copyrighted.   There is no difference between a copyright logo and a copyright symbol. They are both one and the same thing.
The  basis behind putting the copyright logo on your website, is to deter people from stealing or using your work - without your permission.  If you place the copyright logo on your website, or on your song, music, poem or any work that is your own creative expression - then it shows people that you understand what your rights are.  Hence, the need for a copyright logo.   For more information about copyright law in more depth see or Visit our Copyright Symbol Page

Copyright a Logo:
This is where you have created a logo for corporate or business use, and you want to ensure that no-one else uses it for their benefit.  IE - copyrighting a logo.  Therefore, you need to know how to copyright a logo for your own protection. HOWEVER - there are differences between copyrighting a logo and trademarking a logo.  It is best to seek legal advice on this matter.   Whilst we do have lots of useful information in other articles on this site about copyright, we are yet to put together and article on this matter - yet, it will be done soon - so make sure that you have a look around the rest of the site to learn more about copyright laws, bookmark our site and come back again.

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