Linking To This Copyright Site


If you would like to link to this copyright site, we have only thanks for you and not one problem with it.


We would prefer you use one of the two preferred methods below.   But, obviously – we cannot be too fussy about it.



a)       Put us in your link list or in a sentence when talking about copyright sites.

Please link to the relevant HTML page that you find interesting, if you can use a text link; please put the link behind a clear descriptive text label IE:

                                                     i.      Poor Man’s Copyright   (Links to

                                                   ii.      Copyright Symbol Page (Links to

                                                  iii.      Copyright Authority Website(Links to


b)       Link to us from your actual copyright statement! This is what a lot of people do.

EG:   Copyright © 2004 John Doe All Rights Reserved   (Links to


                                                     i.      It shows people that you have researched copyright laws and you know your stuff.

                                                   ii.      It helps spread the knowledge. By linking to this site from the word Copyright – you help THIS site feature higher in search engines, and you KNOW this site is useful!

If you have used our “Create a Copyright Statement” functionality, a link to this site by the above method will already be in place .  If you would like to use this functionality for easy ‘cut and paste’ code – visit the Copyright Symbol page.   Be sure to tell others to use this also!

c)       Link to us from a copyright symbol!   Primarily, this is for users who use the free copyright symbols on our Copyright Symbol Page.      They often kindly place a link to behind the image. It’s great if you give the symbol an Alt-text name such as Copyright Symbol.

Eg: Hover over, or click this image.    


d)       Are you using the "This Site Is Copyrighted" code?   You can find more info about it here. The code does put a link to us, which you can take out. However, IF you would like to also display the "Get This Copyright Code" button on your website, please do. Just use the image below, and ensure it clicks through to the correct location of

Copyright array image